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22 May 2008 @ 11:42 am
[mind_the_muse] (intro) it creeps and moans  
I have many names on many worlds. Here I am called Wanderer or as my human friends like to call me Wanda.

And I'm Melanie, don't forget about the body you inhabit Wanda, I'm still here.
I was getting to that Melanie. Patience.
Like you'd be patient if you were stuck like this.

I am what we call on this planet a Soul. Human's often call us Parasites or Centipede's. We have many names, on many worlds. We came to Earth to make it a better place but we can not live without a host. I was given Melanie as a host. They wanted me to extract information about rebel or "wild" humans from her memories.

Something strange happened though. Melanie did not go away when I attached myself to her. She is always here at the back of my head. She has no control unless I get emotionally overwhelmed.

Which only happens when you're playing tonsil hockey with Jared.
That wasn't my fault.
I know, I know.

I live among a group of Wild humans. I can't tell you where that is, I've sworn to protect them. At first it was just Jamie and Jared I would have willingly died for. Melanie's memories are strong and I was unable to resist sharing her loves. But now I have friends, real friends who don't see Melanie when they look in my silver eyes. Like Ian.

Shut up.

And Jeb. He's Melanie's uncle. He was my first friend in this place besides Jamie. Oh Jamie, Melanie's younger brother. He is my hope in this world of violence and strong emotion.

My kind has never inhabited a planet like this one. Never inhabited bodies capable of such strong emotions. Overwhelming emotions. We've never experienced Violence like this before. It's against our nature to inflict violence. We estimated that humans would be their own destruction, it was our intention to make this world a peaceful place. We never considered what we were doing to be murder but I know now that's how it is seen by the humans. Violence is abbhorent to me. Souls are peaceful creatures, Jamie calls us boring. There is no conflict in our society. The only ones of us capable of violence or lies are the seekers. They hunt for wild humans so that souls might be inserted in the hosts.

Like that bitch one who won't leave us alone. She should die.
What? You don't like her either miss peace loving woman.
That's not the point.

This world is a strange place but I've finally found my home.

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