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20 May 2020 @ 12:00 am
My Intentions  
In playing Melanie/Wanderer I have certain intentions for the character. It might get confusing considering the two people in one body thing. Essentially I intend to play Wanderer and not Melanie but I will be playing Wanderer, in some instances, while she's still in Melanie's body. So I will use Melanie from time to time but she is not the central character and should someone else want to play her in any community I'm in, I have no problem with that as long as they don't mind me using her in my Wanderer posts (in Wanderer's head). There will be nothing that is strictly Melanie.

I will also be using Wanda in her new tiny body at the end of the novel for some posts. If it gets confusing, it should, that's the nature of the book and the character. Being torn in half.

This journal will contain spoilers. I will not cut things in my journal but will cut when posting to any communities.

PB's. Currently I'm using Missy Peregrym for Melanie's body. She fits the air of authority that I feel encompasses Melanie and her body with Wanderer in it. For Wanda's end body I'm using Kristen Bell. However, Kristen is a bit older than the body in the novel so she's subject to change if I find someone more suitable and tiny.

I respect Stephenie Meyer and all her work and I do not mean to infringe on her intellectual property. Her characters are just so rich that I want to play with them in my own little sand box.
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